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    Friday, February 24, 2017   /   by Jason Huerkamp

    Are You Protected By the Contingencies Written Into Your Contract to Purchase a Home

    When Purchasing a home, your real estate agent will want to know about the contingencies that need to be in your contract. An experienced agent will know exactly how to protect you, but lets look at a few that definitely could apply to you and should be considered when writing your contract.

    Contingent Upon a Mortgage
    If you are borrowing money from a lender, you want to be sure that this condition is written in, because if it isn't, you may have to proceed with the sale without the protection of a mortgage or face legal and financial consequences. This would be pretty standard in any real estate contract and would be deleted should the purchaser be paying cash for the property.

    Contingent Upon Selling Your Home
    This would be important if you were purchasing a home and needed to sell your existing home in order to continue with the purchase of the new one. Normally this contingency would have a time period attached to it, so that the seller would not wait forever until ...

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    Friday, February 17, 2017   /   by Jason Huerkamp

    Why You Should Not Be Waiting For Spring to Talk to a Real Estate Agent

    When you are thinking about buying or selling a home, do not wait any longer to talk to a real estate agent! Its a good idea to start the ball rolling right now, if you haven't already. If you were thinking of waiting 'til the spring or summer, you should reconsider that now.

    Buyer Beware:
    If you wait for the silly season to begin your search, you run the risk of

    Competing with too many other buyers when you find that dream home
    Inventory sells quickly and you can find that the home you want to look at tomorrow, is already under contract today!
    You don't have a choice of at least a few homes - everything that is priced well sells immediately when it hits the market
    You could find yourself having to pay more for your dream home, because their are multiple offers on the property
    If interest rates go up, you could find yourself getting less house for your money
    Looking now will be less stressful and you can even take a few days to make a solid choice and decision about a hou ...

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    Thursday, February 09, 2017   /   by Jason Huerkamp

    Is Your Home Under Contract? What can go wrong?

    The House is Under Contract so is it Time to Celebrate?
    No, its probably not yet time to celebrate yet, but you are definitely on the way. There are still a few hurdles to cross before the deal is closed and your funds are safely in the bank.

    So what could possibly go wrong? Lets take a look.

    The Home Inspection
    The Buyer for your home will inevitably require a home inspection. Its a good thing really even if you have heard some not so good things. The Home Inspector spends time searching your home for anything that could render the home unsafe or dangerous for the buyer of the home. He will check the plumbing, electrical, the structure for obvious issues, the roof, crawl space for damp, termites and other issues. Most homes have some items that need to be attended to. Many can be sorted out with little financial burden, however some items are more costly and it can cause the buyer to shy away from the transaction. A good buyers agent will try hard to get most repairs i ...

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    Wednesday, February 01, 2017   /   by Jason Huerkamp

    Adding Character to Your Ordinary Home

    How to Add Character to a Home

    While redesigning property, every home owner wants to find the perfect look to make his house look unique and stylish. Some home owners secure the services of  professional interior and landscape architects to give their home a fresh and new look. While others, put faith in their own skills, and use their creativity and imagination to design their property. They seek to elevate their property to its maximum advantage.

    Designing your home to give it a fresh and modern feel can be a fun activity, which you can easily accomplish, through careful planning and a little creative imagination. There are many ways to add style and character to your property and make it a place of comfort and luxury.

    Fun Paint Jobs

    Not all renovating and redesigning activities require a lot of money. The best way to make your property look unique and give it a personalized touch would be to engage in a fun paint job. ...

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    Tuesday, January 24, 2017   /   by Jason Huerkamp

    Opting For New Home Construction

    New Home Construction
    Whether to buy an existing home or have one built is yet another decision to make during the home-buying process. If you decide to go with new construction, a real estate agent can be a powerful advocate in your corner as you negotiate upgrades, a move-in date and other terms with the home builder.

    Below are some basic pointers to prepare you for the journey ahead.

    Selecting a Builder

    Shopping for a large production or custom home builder can be a daunting task. Start by defining what architectural styles appeal to you and then seek out the builders in your area who offer those styles. Due diligence is essential. Ask friends for referrals to get firsthand accounts; verify the builder's state license status, if applicable; and check whether they're certified by the National Association of Home Builders.

    The Builder Representative and Your Real Estate Agent

    A builder representative's ultimate goal is to sell you a home. His or her role is t ...

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